An Extraordinary Treasure of Wonder



A Rainbow at Port Townsend, September 2017


In our ordinary walk, the treasure of extraordinary surprise may arise in our awareness.

Such gifts might be experienced and felt by many; yet, often they come in simple reflections, with their deep and abiding message authored from our inner Call of wonder.

One of the ancient inspirations I carry within my Heart and Being goes like this: “As Above – So Below”. It is a reminder to me that the All and Everything responds to my inner stirrings, thoughts and emotions. I recognize that what is reflected to me ‘on the outside’ holds a deeply held seed within.

This rainbow treasure manifested in the clearing of my heart, on this rainy time in Port Townsend.  While I marveled at the beauty and majesty of a full rainbow at sunset, within –I was celebrating the New Light and covenant of healing and peace that goes beyond words.

I stood in awe with many, gazing…marveling and celebrating –the extraordinary surprise arising in the sweetness of the sunset sea reflection.

For each, this wonder reaches in to the places within our Heart and Soul where the journeyer awaits its revelation.

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