Personalized recorded "Whispers of the Soul", By Request

Personalized recorded "Whispers of the Soul"

Live Music Ministry at Bedside

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Elissabeth DeFreitas -

Elissabeth didn’t study at Julliard –or any other traditional academy of music. She simply walked into a music store over 20 years ago, found herself immediately and inexplicably attracted to a harp, sat down at it and began to play.  What ensued can best be termed ‘an awakening”.  Within two years, she partnered with her Celtic harp in a spirit-driven ministry. The soothing sound they co-create isn’t song, but soul, the whispered voice of eternal Light.  Elissabeth doesn’t perform; she doesn’t consider herself an entertainer.  She is the open vessel, her harp the vehicle, through which healing vibrations bring comfort and renewal, often to the ill and dying –populations she regularly serves.


Intuitive Music Ministry -


Companioning Presence at Bedside for the Ill and Dying

Beginning in 1995, an inner Call came from Within to companion with my harp at bedside as a vigil for the dying.  As I walked with many dear ones in the early years of HIV/AIDS with concurrent emotional, physical and spiritual pain --the opportunity of being in loving presence in this way, seemed to bring added comfort and peace.  While trained as a Music Practitioner to build a repetoire  of music that assisted in relaxing and minimizing pain, what I discovered in my experience deeply moved my soul.

For an individual in transition from this world, the original songs that flowed from the depths of my Heart and Spirit, assisted those at bedside to unwind, unloose, calm and feel cradled and held. Each song, unique and unrehearsed.

The repetoire became the prayerful presence, where music meandered like a flowing stream  -inviting each individual to rest unto their own inner voyage.

Music can be a catalyst for movement, calm, comfort, connection, quieting, remembrance, joy, soothing presence and peace.  As a Universal language, the presence of Love can speak powerfully, with both humility and grace.

It is with such gratitude, that as a volunteer with Truself Passage, this companioning presence is offered freely to those in need.