A Gift of Remembrance


As the first snow fell in early November,  the beautiful large, soft flakes building on the limbs of the cedars, activated a profound memory of a Beloved Soul Friend, who has been gone from this physical earth since 2001. It had been a joy-filled tradition to put on the holiday music the minute of the ‘first snow’ each year. The songs, filled with inspirational messages, would reverberate far and wide  -dancing across the waters of Lake Pend Orielle & filling the spaces with the vibration of love and cheer. This brought a smile to my heart SO BIG.

Yet, in contrast, I noticed in the following days, a heaviness within that bore a resemblance of unexpressed grief. I realized that I ached to feel and remember the love that goes beyond words. While I have a knowing that ‘love is forever.. love does not die’, I wondered: “where has this lie been living in me that it is not eternally present?”

Last night nestled in blankets in the curves of my easy chair, I laid out photos, notes and cards that brought to life - the remembrance of our journey and experience shared. My heart leapt, as I came across a simple note that assisted me in recognizing that -words too, are eternal. The presence of love knows no borders; in fact, is timeless. In this moment of discovery, I recognized that this love is ever-now.  I have only the choice of opening my heart to receive the truth of love.

As I began to read this, it is as if I was reading it for the first time and all is NOW.


“I am ever with you in each bird that peaks in your window … in each tone on the wind .. in each taste of sweetness.. in each sunset.  My love reaches you and remains ever-present.

Darling, I hold you close in support while I am away.  Feel my arms around you and my lips upon yours…. Know that I with you always.  Carry on your quest as I carry on mine and we will meet in the middle and know God. ...I love you."

 Here, in the sweetness of my tiny house, nestled in the cedar grove filled with snow, there is no emptiness, only infinite remembrance, of love that resides in eternal wonder within.






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