Rising Up



The west wind brings in the song of the dream.  An inner voice whispers quietly at first, to awaken the deep wells of my Soul.  “Wake up!  Wake up; and remember who you are”.

I began to tremble inside, like the rising of a new mountain within me.  My heart beat rapidly with every note of the song.  I danced with the rhythm of the breeze flowing through me, searching for new understanding. My body became lighter and lighter as I began to feel the brush of giant wings against my face. Tears were trickling from the corners of my eyes, for it felt like a blush of golden light filling my heart like a rushing, passionate river.


Ruffled now, I reach out to clutch the edges of my familiar bedspread.  I look around the room for any evidence of change.  My face feels the same.  I touch my fingers together and find that I am still fully intact. “Was I dreaming?” I wondered.  I lay still remembering the song that had come; and the beautiful dance of wings.

The groundwork was now laid upon my journey of awakening on this new morning.  A small seed was planted to remind me that the foundation soil within me needed to be turned up from the inside out.  The soil ached to be renewed and reborn. I am alive!  I am the dream.  This remembrance propelled me to embrace the seeker within; and to overcome all barriers to fully claim the soil and to become the Gardner.

There is a path, I have discovered, that emerges within our very Soul.  Unique and wondrous, this path has no reproductions.  It is ours alone to shape, carve, plow, smooth and create.  Like a circle of Light, this inner passage interconnects with every aspect of the vastness our Being.  

We are all a part of the fabric of this circle of Life. While there are many voices, there is but One true Song. This Song  - our catalyst for awakening to fully Knowing Our True Self.

We are all in a process of remembering who we are.


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