In This Holy Place


Meandering currents carve a way
of artistic beauty among these
ancient stones of granite.

The song of the water’s breath
cascades inward to my meditation
 echoing against the giant Cedars

This song is gentle, yet immersed
with the cadence of…

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Through the Desert

While I resist this place of remembering; I meander with great courage along this path of storms and monsters -waiting to discover the hidden pieces of my tapestry.  The colors can be majestic, for with this tapestry, I am both…

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The Life of a Sparrow

This morning.. my friend brought attention to a small sparrow that sat listless in the driveway. I shared with her -- I am going to be present and see how I can assist.

In our own silent moment, I told…

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An Extraordinary Treasure of Wonder



A Rainbow at Port Townsend, September 2017


In our ordinary walk, the treasure of extraordinary surprise may arise in our awareness.

Such gifts might be experienced and felt by many; yet, often they come in simple reflections, with their deep…

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A Gift of Remembrance


As the first snow fell in early November,  the beautiful large, soft flakes building on the limbs of the cedars, activated a profound memory of a Beloved Soul Friend, who has been gone from this physical earth since 2001. It…

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First Winter




In gentle silence,

the first winter snow fell

softly against the log walls

of the cabin.


The iced flakes drifted

into my meditation,

searching for the words

to celebrate the miracle of all Creation.


“I am loved”, boomed the voice

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Slices of a Rainbow



With every journey,

there are clouds so dark;

while rainbows cut through

with ribbons of Light,

piercing the illusion

of separation

in a momentary glimpse

of truth .



Rising Up



The west wind brings in the song of the dream.  An inner voice whispers quietly at first, to awaken the deep wells of my Soul.  “Wake up!  Wake up; and remember who you are”.

I began to tremble inside…

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A Walk of Great Light





              In our quiet intentional walks,


              we are attuned to an inward Voice

              that whispers from the depths of

              Our Being.


              In stillness, we hear above the flowing

              song of the waterfall or the rush of

              the wind.


              Here—we are joined…

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