The Dance of the Spiral

As I awoke this day,  I held with Great stillness and awe within, the most vibrant reflection of my gift of partnering with my harp at the Waldorf, Advent of Light Ceremony.  In the swells of darkness with magical lights dotting the room, the cedar boughs lay in a sacred spiral awaiting the children’s grand entrance.

I received the cue for the vibration of harp strings to reverberate along the walk with each child. As they gathered around the spiral, one by one, they emerged, dancing through the spiral of cedar in cherished reverence. Reaching the center place, each child lighted a candle and navigated toward the perfect edge of the spiral to anchor their Light.

What I noticed as I held a Light of peace-filled reverence with them, each child had their own unique expression of their walk around the spiral.  In fact, for me – I was observing and bearing witness to - ‘their sacred dance’. I cradled each beloved in the waves of Light and brought forth a song ‘according to their movement’. I am infinitely moved for this Waldorf invitation, and the opportunity to be a part of ushering in the Light for the sacred Advent time.  A blessing indeed, for I have been deeply nourished: Heart and Soul.

 I was remembering an experience in Australia over a decade ago, when I was working with sound healer in Alice Springs. During one experiential, some of us were in 'movement with the music', while others offered an intuitive sharing with  instruments to reflect our movement. Yet, we shifted in our experience; and the instruments followed the dancer’.  Each musician attuned to their unique expression of movement. The experience was life-changing for me.

In this sacred dance of Light for the children, I had the pure treasure of meeting them in their expression of Being; attuning with and reverently holding the Light of Oneness whilst following their lead

I am moved beyond words with deepened thanksgiving for the Waldorf School in Sandpoint  -for this sacred invitation and experience  --that goes beyond words. 

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