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I have been under the Mystical Influence of Elissabeth’s gifted Soul Songs for over 15 years. The Great Mystery that radiates through her music and Divine Octaves awakened and transported me into a Spirit Journey that transcended time and space and continues into the Present Moment. The integrity and purity of her heart, inspiration and intention creates a river of Celestial Choir direct from our Source. To be immersed in these Sacred Songs is actually an invitation that points us to our Eternal Song within. Deep Peace, Serenity, Harmony and Divine Connection are the effects of this sound immersion. I have been honored to share part of my Soul Journey and Earth Walk with Elissabeth and her entourage of Angels singing her unique Transformational Soul Songs. One Love, Sky Star Walker
I was blessed to hear her play her Harp & it was so beautiful, I had tears streaming down my cheeks. You can feel the beauty of Elissabeth’s Heart in her Music
My beloved friend, your beautiful words, music and loving nature touch my soul and my life. Thank you for all that you are and all that flows through you!
I wanted to tell you how very much my body and heart has enjoyed listening to your "Journey of Octaves". I love that it is 35 minutes long; so as I lay down and listen in meditation, the experience is of opening to the soothing, pulsing, vibrating sounds; transcending into a place of deep peace and well-being. It is a CD of great healing qualities.
Elissabeth has launched her new music and inspirational designs on her web page. If you have not heard her music please take a moment to listen, feel, absorb the Love and Peace that she brings forth in her Binaural Healing music. Any and all items will make wonderful gifts for yourself and others. Much Love, Pamela
This is truly a beautiful website dear Lissa. Your new CD is such a peaceful experience to listen to. One can totally relax and melt into the higher consciousness when hearing this music. Thank you from deep within my heart for the gift of your presence in our lives.
I will never forget the first time that I listened to your CD, in your presence, and how it felt like soft velvet flowing through my heart. Your music, dear sister, brings harmony back into our world. Thank you for this beautiful gift that I will enjoy for many years to come.
My precious sister, your website looks great!!! I am so happy for you. Your spirit and music bring incredible healing to the world! I love you!
Personalized recorded "Whispers of the Soul"
A Gift of Healing Presence in Sound
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