Passage: Gentle and Soothing Contemplative Music CD


Perhaps one of my most beloved stories, is “The Fable of the Pearl”, from the Apocryphal Acts of the Apostle Thomas, a dramatic Greek myth depicting the evolution of the Soul and its eventual Liberation. In this endearing story, I recognize my own journey through the Desert to seek the Truth of Who I Am. Somewhere in my Being, I came to recognize the profound passion to Remember -that I am seeking the Pearl of great price. There is much to endure in this crossing from amnesia to remembrance. Along the way, I am held and cradled by my divine All-Parent  -urging me onward with every Breath. I sometimes stumble.  I sometimes ache. Yet, in the Passage of awakening, I revel in the celebration of New Eyes, New Heart and New Birth.

 “The Spirit of Truth will guide you

into everything that is True”   -John 16:13

Dedication and Gratitude

May I share my deep and profound gratitude, to my sister, Pamela and brother Dan Mimmack – for the treasure of ‘the Pearl’ in the Cedar Grove.  Therein, my spirit ignites to allow the songs within me to be shared.

With humble celebration, I give thanks to Sister Florence and Rita of “Kairos House of Prayer”, for their ongoing walking with  -in silence and in prayer, that I might recognize the height an depth of the sacred Call within me. Through their invitation to share my music, the seed of the Passage was birthed.

Most assuredly, I embrace with awe, the amazing blessings of my Heavenly Parents – for cradling me in my journey to remember the Truth of who I Am.

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