A Journey of Octaves

35 minute contemplative CD with soothing sounds of harp, crystal bowl & Native American flute

A Journey of Octaves

As an intuitive musician, I compose all of my songs from ‘Within’ with Presence turned inward to bring forth the highest vibration. Working in concert with my Celtic Harp, crystal bowls, Native American Flute, Keyboard and the gentle sounds of Nature – a weaving of a symphony of soul opens and evolves in Mystery and with Awe.

My stringed instruments are tuned to 444 hz – which is a healing, ancient Solfeggio scale. The crystal singing bowls – are very powerful in creating a binaural beat experience – in which the left and right hemisphere of the brain entrain to a calming, peaceful place (Alpha state). 

This sound journey for me, lent itself to an opportunity to hold a Beloved in Light and prayer – whilst bringing forth of songs of comfort, transformation, healing, deepening and peace.  Through the experience, I recognized that I was twisting and winding through a conscious inward passage: a kind of narrow gate that led me toward a transformational octave of Liberation. As a Mindful Observer, I witnessed an essence of laboring that was vibrating from the depth of my spiritual Center – in which I have come to experience as ‘a Journey of Octaves’.

  It is in prayer presence, that I share this sound journey with you.



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