Bringing forth the gentle voices of the Celtic Harp, Native American Flute, keyboard and crystal bowls, Elissabeth delivers a new music compilation designed to quiet, soothe and engage our Mind, Heart and Soul.

The unique sounds of nature, strings and wind instruments, partner in compliment to support a contemplative inner environment.

Her 2014 Cd, "Passage" is a music voyage for her; a journey inward, to touch the sacred place  -where Heaven meets Within.






Introducing: "A Journey of Octaves". A deeply stirring vibrational experience, this CD weaves the powerful frequency of the Clarion crystal bowls along with the soothing voices of the Celtic harp tuned to 444 hz, Native American Flute and the gentle sounds of nature -to create an experience of deepening peace. 

Elissabeth has authored over seven inspirational Cd's, and looks forward to sharing the unique expression of the gifts and blessings of Spirit.


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